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SLOCOG's adopted intermodal strategy calls for maximizing utilization of our existing transportation system in a manner that accommodates the needs of all users while reducing overall vehicular travel. The goal is to implement a comprehensive strategy for the maintenance and improvement of State Highways, Routes of Regional Significance, and major local streets and roads in order to reduce traffic congestion, improve mobility and provide safe, efficient, convenient and reliable movement of people and commodities. 

Here you will find links to more information on the major Highways and Corridors and routes of regional significance in our region.

2016 RTIP - Click here to view document >>

In December 2015, the SLOCOG Board committed new transportation funds to address congestion on the regional transportation network, providing local agencies funding for street and road maintenance and repair; and programming investment for multi-modal infrastructure projects to be evaluated in the 2016 Active Transportation Partnership Plan.

Project Sheets

  • $3.2M is committed to initiate environmental documentation and develop the project report defining improvements along the US 101 corridor in the “Shell Beach Straits” area.  

  • $1.75M is committed for operational improvements along the SR 227 corridor, between Tank Farm Rd. and Los Ranchos Dr. The improvement options are defined in a SR 227 Feasibility Study currently underway. Results from that study are expected early 2016. The Operational Analysis Study can be found here. 

  • $1.89M is committed (50% of construction costs) towards improvements at the intersection of SR1 and SR41 in Morro Bay.The project is planned for construction in fiscal year 18/19.   

  • $1.2M is committed for multi-modal projects to be evaluated in the 2016 Active Transportation Partnership Plan.

  • $4.2M available through the 2015 Federal Transportation Bill known as the “FAST Act” to local agencies for street and road maintenance and repairs over three fiscal years. 

SLOCOG staff reports are also available with more information. VIEW HERE

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