Active Transportation

Active Transportation, otherwise referred to as non-motorized transportation, includes facilities that make it easier to travel by walking and bicycling. Included in this are bikeways (Class I, II, III), sidewalks, boardwalks and multiuse paths. It also includes categories often considered part of 'liveable communities' such as traffic control devices that make it easier for bicyclists and pedestrians and streetscape improvements like street trees, benches and other 'street furniture.'

SLOCOG has consistently taken a intermodal approach to transportation throughout our region. A recent state law and national movement for 'complete streets' concepts validate this multimodal approach. Providing facilities for all users (bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, etc.) provides many benefits to the region: safety, health, reduction in congestion and vehicle generated emissions and a vital active community core.

SLOCOG 2021 Active Transportation Plan

SLOCOG staff are producing a 2021 Regional Active Transportation Plan. This plan is a compilation of Active Transportation corridor planning studies and technical reports addressing the San Luis Obispo County and seven cities which have been presented to the SLOCOG board.  Integration of new material presented over the past year (Bike Barriers survey, Volunteer Bike Counts, Wayfinding efforts etc.) and yet to be presented information on Bicycle Collisions and Bicycle Tourism & Economic Vitality.   

The plan is consistent with SLOCOG's 2019 Regional Transportation Plan and California's Active Transportation Program guidelines.  The December 2nd 2020 public hearing will notify the public about the effort, solicit feedback and describe the story-telling based engagement workshops where a selected focus group will be developing stories representative of bicyclist type and geographical region of active transportation experiences across the SLO County region. The stories will feed into the plan. The final plan is scheduled for adoption in April 2021 in time for bike month.

Contact John DiNunzio, Regional Transportation Planner at for details.

Active Transportation Partnership Program (ATPP)

Volunteer Resources

SLOCOG encourages volunteer groups to assist with data collection by counting people walking and on bikes, and recommending wayfinding signage at regional locations. Contact John DiNunzio, SLOCOG Transportation Planner at for details or click below to learn more. 

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