Ronald L. De Carli, Executive Director, 805-781-4251

Peter Rodgers,  Deputy Director, 805-781-5712

Richard Murphy,  Project Development and Programming Division Chief, 805-781-5754

James Worthley, Regional Planning Division Chief, 805-788-2002

Geoffrey Chiapella, Senior Transportation Planner, 805-781-5190

Tim Gillham, Transportation Planner, 805-781-1520

John DiNunzio, Transportation Planner, 805-781-5764

Daniel Audelo, Transportation Planner, 805-781-5724

Lori Kramer, Accountant, 805-781-4392

Robert Cone, Administrative Services Officer, 805-781-4255

Tessa Betz, Administrative Services Officer, 805-597-8024

Aida Nicklin, Executive Secretary, 805-781-4292

Barbara Troyan, Administrative Assistant, 805-781-1125

Sean Macias, Administrative Assistant, 805-781-4219

Mallory Jenkins, Rideshare Program Manager, 805-781-4362

Peter Williamson, Rideshare Employer Outreach Coordinator, 805-597-8022

Sarah Trauger, Rideshare Program Coordinator, 805-781-1385

Timothy McNulty, Legal Counsel, 805-781-4219

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